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Questions to ask a woman to get to know her

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If you ask the right questions, though, you can get a pretty good head start in less than an hour. Arthur Aron is research psychologist at Stony Brook University. Inwhen he was studying psychology at UC Berkeley, Aron fell in love with a fellow student named Elaine Spaulding.

Aron went on to marry that fellow student, and since then, Arthur and Elaine Aron have been researching the mysteries of wmoan and attraction.

A Procedure and Some Preliminary Findings. Incredibly, they only take about 45 minutes to get.

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Choose one: Live to age 90 with the mind of a year-old, or live to age 90 with the auestions of a year-old. If you could suddenly have a single new ability or quality, without having to work for it, what would you choose?

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If you could learn anything about your future or yourself through some work of magic, what would you ask? Say you get the news that you only have one year to live.

How does your life change? Why would you make those changes?

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Are you close with your family? If you died right now, on the spot, what would you regret not sharing with someone?

Can I get your advice on this personal problem? How do you think I feel about this personal problem?

Share that problem. Essentially, these questions work by sparking deep conversation. Aron designed these questions to go gradually deeper.

When he first experimented jnow these 36 questions, Aron was surprised to see how effective they were at getting people to open up in authentic ways. They all seemed really moved by it.

They could be effective at rekindling long-term romantic relationships. It makes your relationship better. It seems likely that the questions can spur romantic love if both participants he looking for romance in one another in the first place.

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However, as Elaine Aron explains, they would need to do more studies to prove the efficacy of the 36 questions in a romantic context. Please click here if you are not redirected within too few seconds.

Cut right to the heart of her identity with these science-tested questions. June 15, It takes a lifetime to really get to know a woman.