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Looking to get pegged or I Want Hookers

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Looking to get pegged or

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I just want to be with someone who I can like and feel the like .

Age: 38
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: I Look For Nsa Sex
City: Baton Rouge, LA
Hair: Copper
Relation Type: Horney Ladys Ready New Sex

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Top definition. Jake was pegged from behind by Jane.

Pegged unknown. When a male recieves a length of dildo in the ass, carefully delivered by a female using a strap on. Craig looks forward to being pegged on a Friday night by his beloved Babs. To have figured a person.

Being struck with an object which someone else threw at you, such as a tennis balldodge ballfootball, crumpled up piece of paper. Dude, Jack was walking to his car and I pegged looking to get pegged or with a tennis ball in the back of the head.

If you know what pegging is, you've probably pegged or been pegged before in this scenario a man who received a strap on dildo in the ass from a woman. Ashleigh pegged Kyle from behind and he loved it.

To drive so fast that the speedometer needle hits the peg that stops it from going round and round. Dudeyou hit and pegged it!

You have been pegged for that project. Wolf Haley Hettie Bread Boy Dunkin' Donuts Kangaroo Weast lookinb Ubisoft goes Steamworks bye bye, always on DRM.

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