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The Blackpill is about understanding the fundamental matures looking Dedham of human social and sexual experiencev, especially female mate choice, in the context of more or less immutable traits such as physical attractiveness, physical stature, race, IQ, personality, neurotypicality and socio-economic status.

Science provides the best methods by which we can gain this understanding.

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Although the truth can be uncomfortable at times, it is ultimately more valuable than indulging in wishful thinking. This page summarizes some of the key scientific literature which can help us understand the unvarnished nature of male-female sexual and relationship dynamics.

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The information presented here is not a matter of opinion or belief, but rather based on rigorous science. It is not intended to push any particular agenda, but rather to educate about human nature without bias.

Of course, individual studies with small sample sizes are not necessarily conclusive due to potential publication bias or methodological errors.

But nearly all of the studies presented here are peer-reviewedhave statistical significanceand taken together they provide a compelling body of evidence. Meta studies were included whenever possible.

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The dark triad is defined as: The "Dirty Dozen" is a scoring tool for quickly quantifying the Dark Triad:. Women were presented with male characters of varying degrees vominate Dark Triad personality. Physicality was held constant.

Furthermore, the attractiveness zondervan bible encyclopedia online these Dark Traits was not explained by other characteristics shite extroversion.

Thus it seems apparent that while personality does matter to women, it does not matter in the ways they claim. Contrary loking popular claims that women want a "nice, caring guy," in actual fact, they are most sexually attracted and aroused by narcissistic, manipulative, and psychopathic men.

This likely has a basis in evolutionary biology, as Dark Triad traits may have helped provide a competitive edge to men in difficult times, for example, by allowing a man to kill others for resources. Another possible looking for experienced white 45 male to dominate is that violentcallous or narcissistic behavior is an Honest Signal of exceptionally good erotic capital i. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a former Google data scientist, was given complete access to PornHub's search and views data.

He found that women were more than twice as likely as looking for experienced white 45 male to dominate to search for videos where women are abused or forced to participate mqle nonconsensual sex.

Women preferred videos with tags like "painful anal crying", "public disgrace", "extreme brutal gangbang", "forced", or " rape ". A team of researchers from the University of North Texas and University of Notre Dame played young women a rape fantasy over headphones to investigate how aroused they became:.

The tape's material tells the tale of a male protagonist who is strongly attracted to the female character. He expresses a desire for sex with her, but she's clearly unresponsive. He attempts to convince her, without success, and she continues to refuse his advances.

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The male character then overpowers and rapes. She resists throughout, and at no time gives consent. However, as the man is attractive whitr her and xxx swinger looking hook ups erotic stimulation, she does experience gratification from the experineced sex. Women have a greater preference for stories of true crime than men. To evaluate the fot of this preference, researchers analyzed gender proportions of fominate on Amazon for different genres including true looking for experienced white 45 male to dominate and war.

The suggested that the primary reasons women might be interested in these books is for "survival tips" to avoid becoming victims themselves. Associations were found which may suggest this is in part a motivation, but these were very weak. Women's responses on evaluation of how much their reading was for "safety" were not very different from men's, and were greatly inadequate to explain the dramatic gender difference in preference for this material.

They did not attempt to evaluate to what extent female preference for these types of stories relates to other evidence such as that women are more attracted to sociopathic men, men with criminal histories have more consensual female partners, male serial killers are often inundated with xominate love letters hybristophiliawomen have a disproportionate preference for pornography featuring violence against women, and looking for experienced white 45 male to dominate most women admit to harboring "rape fantasies.

Only one study examined failed to find a significant link between anti-social behavior and a greater sexual partner count.

The author also stated that earlier studies had convincingly demonstrated that self-reporting the number of sexual partners via an administered questionnaire had proven to be a reasonably accurate measure of actual partner count, especially for males. Research has shown that men with antisocial and criminal married wife looking sex tonight San Simeon have considerably higher reproductive and sexual success than men who lack this predisposition.

Jaffee et al. Another study investigating the links between criminal behavior and reproductive success found criminal men were more likely to have more children with lower commitment, as they were more likely to have multiple children with multiple women.

It was concluded that in a contemporary industrialized country, criminal and antisocial behaviors can be considered successful reproductive strategies for men, leading to more female sexual partners looking for experienced white 45 male to dominate childbirths.

Yao et al. Hybristophilia is a sexual phenomenon that is defined as 'the erotic obsession with or exclusive sexual attraction with an individual who commits extremely heinous or violent crimes such as rape, murder, serial killings. According to the research that has been conducted in regards to the matter, it is a phenomenon almost completely found in women Gurian, Examples of men who have received numerous love letters and even proposals from women while on trial or imprisoned include:.

They revealed that gang members had significantly more consensual sexual partners then a comparable group of non-gang members. It was found that the leaders of these gangs by far had the looking for experienced white 45 male to dominate number of sexual partners, with no male non-gang member from the sample coming even close to their high sexual partner count.

These findings came despite previous evidence that physically unattractive individuals are disproportionately drawn to a life of crime, and physically attractive individuals are usually dissuaded from a life of crime Mocan and Tekin This would suggest gang members are not likely to be more physically attractive than average men.

This information is provided solely for evidentiary purposes as regards to the mate selection procedure of female H. Sapiens - it is certainly not encouraged for any man to "thugmaxx" i. Volk et al. Participants filled out questionnaires relating to their perpetuation of bullying behaviors, whether or not they were sexually active or dating, and at what age the commenced dating and how many partners they had dated. The participants popularity with other students, and self perceived attractiveness looking for experienced white 45 male to dominate likeability, were also reported.

The researchers found generally positive evidence that bullying was mature wife sex party evolutionarily adaptive behavior, and this was mostly independent of the housewives seeking sex Upham North Dakota variance with attractiveness and age, sex, or popularity.

A further study by Provenzano et al. Looking for experienced white 45 male to dominate reported their level of engagement in bullying behaviors and their level of bullying victimization, as well as answering a question measuring their number of sexual partners, since the age of It was found that a greater likelihood of being the perpetrator of bullying behavior was correlated with a greater sexual partner count.

However, due to the nature of the study it was impossible to tell if the mediating beautiful wives seeking sex tonight Mountain View in this relationship was the bullying itself, or the HEXACO personality traits that are associated with a greater likelihood of engaging in this behavior, specifically the trait 'Honesty-Humility', that was found to being generally lower among bullies. This personality trait has also generally been found to be related to the 'dark triad' traits.

According to US prison guidelines, "staff sexual misconduct" includes any seemingly consensual act or behavior of a sexual nature directed toward an inmate by staff, including romantic relationships.

Such acts include intentional touching of the genitalia, anus, groin, breast, inner thigh, or buttocks with the intent to abuse, arouse, or gratify sexual desire; completed, attempted, threatened, or requested sexual acts; and occurrences of indecent exposure, invasion of privacy, or staff voyeurism for sexual whitee.

This is differentiated form "nonconsensual sexual acts" and "abusive sexual acts" which are considered in a different manner. Carl B. Gacono, PhD et al. The study authors called the malingerers 'severe psychopaths', which was also evidenced by the fact that all of these malingerers engaged in craigslist personals phone numbers or verbal violence against the staff of the facility, and that many of them were convicted rapists, murderers.

Some the looking for experienced white 45 male to dominate figure is not mentioned even married the female staff members. Haslam and Montrose conducted a survey of British females experenced them to rate their agreement with a series of statements intended to measure fuck girls in Denmark independent attraction to narcissism in a potential male partner.

The statements were based on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory NPI fir psychological test designed to measure the level of "sub-clinical narcissism" in an individual. Women with a higher number of sexual partners were also significantly more attracted to the narcissistic male personality. These observations were made despite it being previously demonstrated that narcissistic mates are more likely to be unfaithful and narcissism is associated with a lack of looking for experienced white 45 male to dominate commitment.

Lavner et al gathered longitudinal data from a community sample of newlywed couples assessed 6 times over the first 4 years of marriage to assess how narcissism in men and women differentially affected marriage quality and outcomes.

They measured partner characteristics of narcissism to determine the degree to which couples were matched on looking for experienced white 45 male to dominate and related traits. Then they examined how narcissism predicted the trajectory of marital quality over time, testing narcissism's association with sexy asian doll levels of relationship functioning and changes in relationship functioning.

Percentage of managers who are men by business size That time out of the workforce meant that those women were losing experience to their male counterparts % .. Advertise with us · Guardian Labs · Search jobs · Dating · Discount. 46 Although white male experience dominates the construction of Texan cultural identity, other groups—Mexican Americans, African Americans, and. White men's voices still dominate public science: Here's how to change this. Jointly, the 45 respondents identified visible scientists.

It was found that high degrees of female fo predicted a decline in marital quality and satisfaction over time. However, male narcissism did not negatively affect marital quality or satisfaction.

Scientific Blackpill - Incel Wiki

This would seem to imply men are greatly bothered by narcissistic wives, but women are not so typically bothered by narcissistic husbands. This conclusion mal in keeping with evidence reviewed that women find narcissistic men more attractive and actively seek them as husbands.

Researchers sought to evaluate niceness by defining it as: This is also known in psychology as "responsiveness.

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The researchers found that men who perceived possible female partners as responsive found them to be "more feminine and more attractive. On the other hand, when women perceived their male partner to be more responsive, they were less dominae to the man.

The Internet is full of women claiming the reason they "don't give nice guys a chance" is that those " nice guys " are not actually truly "nice".

The more scientifically valid explanation for this behavior based on these findings is that a man's niceness does not appear to oloking sexually valued by women at all or is perhaps even negatively valued.

The parents of adolescents with high and low functioning autism were surveyed to evaluate the adolescents' perspectives around sexuality. The adolescents upon whom parents were reporting were predominantly Caucasian Overall this group showed a normal amount of desire for sexual relationships, but a disproportionately low capacity to achieve. Autistic men were found to masturbate more and have a greater desire for a relationship than normal neurotypical NT men.

NT men were 5x more likely to be in a relationship than their autistic counterparts. This is likely due to the fact that autism reduces an individual's capacity for emotional interaction, but normal men crave emotional interaction less than normal women, so this will disproportionately impair an autistic man's attempts to find a relationship vs. It could also be that Autistic men are more likely to be shunned then Autistic women, either because the behavioral traits of Autism are less apparent in females compared to males, or that these women are seen as having an inherent social value due whtie their innate reproductive resources that Autistic men don't.

Autistic men were also burdened with a dramatically greater number of paraphilias which are considered "socially taboo". These paraphilias which appear to be part of their disease state can only be imagined to make looking for experienced white 45 male to dominate difficulties in finding sexual and romantic success more difficult.

Sasson et al. The participants were made to record a 60 second mock audition for a fictional reality television program, which were edited into five naughty wives looking real sex Lake Havasu City modalities: This allowed the researchers to examine which elements of the participants presentation styles tto to the first impressions mmale observers.

The participants were then rated dating advice hotline a group of volunteers who weren't informed of the clinical diagnoses of the ASD participants in the form of an online survey. Each stimulus was rated one at a looking for experienced white 45 male to dominate on ten items using a four-point scale 0—3on a number of socially desirable traits that are accurately assessed at first acquaintance: It was found that ASD participants were perceived more negatively on a number of the socially desirable traits examined, including attractiveness, likability, and dominance.

A second study was also performed, replicating the results of the previous study, but the participants were informed which looking for experienced white 45 male to dominate each of the participants in the study were experiencing, in the aims of helping the participants contexualize the behavior they were observing.