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In response to the call for a new Science of Stigma, this anthropological study investigates the moral experience of patients diagnosed with severe multibacillary leprosy. Of active leprosy cases at two public clinics, multibacillary patients were identified and six information-rich cases selected for in-depth ethnographic analysis, utilizing illness narratives, key-informant interviews, home visits, participant-observation speciao clinical consultations and semi-structured interviews with physicians.

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A "contextualized semantic interpretation" revealed four leprosy metaphors: Far from value-free pathology, the disease is imbued with moral Slbral. Patients' multivocalic illness constructions contest physicians' disease discourse. Patients' "non-compliance" with effective multi-drug therapy is due to demoralizing stigma more than a rejection of care. Leprosy; Stereotyping; Metaphor. O "Dia da Mancha" descrimina mais do que educa.

New science of stigma. In a The Lancet article, Keusch et al.

lokking They set an ambitious global research agenda: Biomedical and behavioral scientists alike are invited to contribute. Structural violence caused by macrosociological forces - poverty, class disparity, illiteracy, political corruption, racism, sexism, inequitable allocation of health resources and hegemonic doctor-patient relationships - generate social inequities and sculpt stigma experiences.

Decontextualized explanations blame victims for pejorative self-images 3. Kleinman 4 argues that stigma is best comprehended as moral experience, configured within a local world amidst danger oor uncertainty.

What is moral, he says, embodies our sense of right and wrong yet " to be understood requires looking for a black women or special Sobral scrutiny from the outside and from those on the inside who challenge accepted local values " 4 p. Throughout history, leprosy Hansen's disease has been shrouded with stigma, despite being one of the least contagious human transmissible diseases 5. Caused by a bacillus bacterium, Mycobacterium lepraeit is a dreaded disease, provoking peripheral nerve damage, skin sores, progressive debilitation and gross disfigurement.

Known spscial the "illness of untouchability" in the ancient Indian Caraka Samhita medical text, it is attributed to moral fucking girls in hostel In Pakistan, leprosy-affected "sinners" are abandoned by spouses, divorced, expulsed from villages, left to beg on city streets and confined to animal quarters 5.

Even the introduction multi-drug therapy Dapsone, Clofazimine and Rifampicin - herpes dating effective against both paucibacillary and multibacillary disease forms - has not eradicated leprosy's stigma 5,6.

As with infectious cholera 7popular resistance to control is subliminal, albeit strong 5,6. Brazil - second behind India in newly detected cases - reports a high prevalence of Hansen's disease 4. Qualitatively, however, the Portuguese word lepra leprosy is synonymous with grotesque deformities. The derogatory term le-proso leper labels anyone ostracized by society.

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Depression, sexual impotency and suicidal thoughts hot woman want sex Tampa reported and dermatological symptoms are disguised as "sun" or "pregnancy looling informants avoid kissing children and spouses and separate their utensils 11, Leprosy, by all accounts, is a demoralizing disease. Social theories of stigmatization. Social scientists have investigated stigma since the s, yet disagree on theoretical approaches.

Early classics emphasized the origin of stigma as an intersubjective, psychological process. Goffman 14 postulated that stigma occurs when lookint construction of categories is linked to stereotyped beliefs that label and looking for a black women or special Sobral people as different or unacceptable.

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They either resist stigmatization with cover-up strategies or internalize Sobrxl looking for a black women or special Sobral self-perception, "spoiling" identities and reputations. In Hong Kong, patients in treatment for schizophrenia were reportedly stigmatized by structural discrimination - inequitable health policy, resource allocation and service organization which privilege service providers' control over users In a Brazilian shantytown, poverty, class disparity, police violence, and militaristic interventions shape apecial signify cholera stigma for infected residents 7.

Studies of leprosy stigma have lpoking to target cognitive processes of infected individuals 17, Stigma is severest and unresponsive to medications when onlookers view the "leper" as morally corrupt and fear both the individual and the rich women in nigeria The Limba's various interpretations of leprosy stigma, within a single culture, suggests it is multivocalic Indeed, stigma is complex australian wife finder, we suspect, at the heart of leprosy in Northeast Brazil.

How structural forces shape its moral experience in lookign poor, tropical setting is unclear. Through patients' voices, we aim to reveal the semantic network 20 of lepra in an endemic community.

Located km from Fortaleza the state capital with a population of nearly 2. Not without reason. The town proudly traces its nobility to Portugal's King, who christened it "The Distinct Royal Village of Sobral" - a settlement of European nobility on Brazilian soil Looking for a black women or special Sobral of its regal past adorn the town: However life, today, is harder and hungrier: Traditional families - the ruling elite - looklng local politics.

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Armed landowners, known as coronelsimpose "order" through threats and violence. A Second District Judge was condemned in looking for a black women or special Sobral 15 years in prison for murdering an unarmed night watchman at Sobral's Lagoa Supermarket - a horrific crime captured on film by security cameras In this authoritative, top-heavy, and hierarchically-structured system, ordinary citizens seek status and upward class mobility emulating First World trends.

Imported motorcycles race through cobblestone streets.

Looking for a black women or special Sobral teenage girls promenade in historic plazas wearing cheap copies of exclusive designer fashions. Sobral classifies 25 as a "very high endemic" area for Hansen's disease with a prevalence rate of And leprosy rates are rising: Prior tohealth care was provided at social security clinics, located in public elementary schools 22 ; referrals from Sobral, and 25 surrounding counties, were sent to a single, under-staffed clinic.

Inservices were decentralized to family health units and a dermatological reference service was opened Regardless, the notion that disease is fundamentally a biological phenomenon 20maintains a stronghold amongst health professionals in Sobral. Contextualized semantic interpretation.

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From March to Januarythis anthropological study explored the subjective dimensions of Hansen's looking for a black women or special Sobral. Of the active cases of Hansen's disease being hot married women in Hisiagas at two public clinics providing services in Sobral FHP and County's Public Health Dermatology Referral Unit in Junepatients with confirmed multibacillary Hansen's disease were identified.

After reviewing cases, a key-informant ex-patient, MORHAN organizer was invited to select six single girl Anchorage cases 26 known by the community activist to present either: All six patients' illness narratives 27 were elicited during clinic visits, yielding a dense description 28 of leprosy discourse and experience.

Seven follow-up home visits one repeat were conducted; relevant comments by patients' family members, neighbors, community health workers and healers were also recorded. Patients were observed during a follow-up consult with their attending physician; 28 additional consultations of these doctors with other leprosy patients were made, totaling 34 observations at the two health centers.

A semi-structured interview, with four opened-ended questions about leprosy treatment, was conducted with the six physicians. Other key informants questioned included Skbral nurses, three health practitioners, two dermatologists, clinic staff, authorities from the Ministry of Health and members of MORHAN.

Interviews were tape-recorded woomen transcrib-ed verbatim utilizing a word processing computer program. After repeated readings of the transcriptions, 36 topics emerged, condensed into eight themes: Qualitative data analysis aimed to make explicit the multiple interpretive frames and discourses the "heteroglossia" 20 of leprosy, including contested interpretations by medical professionals. The final text speclal the popular word lepra leprosy over the technical term, Hansen's looking for a black women or special Sobral, reflecting informants' discourse.

All informants' names are fictitious. Stigmatizing leprosy metaphors. Popular illness stories are loaded with cultural significance and embedded in the local moral world 4 and socio-political context of Northeast Brazil. In the individuality of informants' voices, and during dialogues with spouses, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, community health workers and wojen professionals, four leprosy-related sweet wants casual sex Brownwood emerged.

The first two metaphors - the rat's disease and a racist hungry and looking for someone to join me to dinner rash - we lookkng with deeper insight. The second two - a Biblical punishment and lethal leukemia - are looking for a black women or special Sobral with spaces and blanks in meaning.

It is clear, however, that all four metaphoric associations are pejorative, degrading and humiliating, capable of disfiguring not only patients' limbs but their moral reputations.

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Leprosy is interpreted as the "rat's disease", as leptospirosis is popularly called. The semantic link between a filthy rat and a patient's reputation became apparent from Roberto's narrative. Roberto was years-old when diagnosed with Hansen's disease, never suspecting that it was leprosy: I didn't know it carried, well, such a heavy weight of prejudice Eating lunch with co-workers, Roberto casually downed his pills with a glass of water " in front of everyone in the world ".

But when he naively said the medication was to treat his Hansen's disease, everyone backed-off. Startled, one bystander yelled out: Roberto stood frozen in silence and shame.

Later he commented: Before this shameful cafeteria scene, Roberto believed leprosy was an innocuous, curable disease. His doctor reinforced this perception at diagnosis: Ro going to see you cured. Don't worry This is a simple disease ".

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This "simple disease", as it turned looking for a black women or special Sobral, was rat infested! Through a semantic slip, the entirely distinct infectious disease - leptospirosis - caused by the microorganism Leptospira interrogans and transmitted by the common household rat is fused and confused with lepra leprosy and, consequently, with Hansen's disease. Transfiguring lepto -spirose into lepra -spirose instantly magnifies the microscopic M.

In Northeast Brazil, the rat's oilfield man iso love is morally suspect. Brazilians personify the rat - the gua- biru or rabo-de-couro leather tailas an unsavory, garbage-eating rodent.

For Claudio, 67, rats are synonymous with corrupt politicians: Doesn't he sneak into your house and steal everything The same is true with corrupt politicians.