Aadhar Card Status – Check Aadhar Card Status Online at uidai.gov.in

By | July 13, 2017

Aadhar Card Status – Check Aadhar Card Status Online at uidai.gov.in: In the past couple of years, one more crucial identification proof as a citizen of India has been brought into the calculations.  Getting an Aadhar Card is a really easy process, and the process is very precisely made and not at all time-consuming. The services are thoroughly transparent, and all the steps are available to be completed online. All the steps and services have enabled one to get hold of their Aadhar card status without any hassle. Aadhar card has become very important to procure in the present day as all the bank facilities and benefits are now being linked on one single platform.

Aadhar Card Status

Aadhar Card Status

This also includes the other responsible citizen services like linking your PAN identification with Aadhar card to claim income tax returns and much more. It is very important for all the Indian citizens to have their Aadhar card status up-to-date and that the details mentioned a correct without any fault. Before getting into knowing about your Aadhar card status, let us talk about Aadhar card in general.

What is Aadhar Card?

Aadhar Card is a unique identification number consisting 12 digits which have been provided to every Indian citizen from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh. This identification card has been issued by the Government of India and the department looking after the processes related to Aadhar card status is supervised by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

  • In the initial stage of the card’s introduction the process to check Aadhar card status was very lengthy and time-consuming, but with the new techniques and developments, the scope of finding your Aadhar card status has become very simple.
  • Aadhar card status can also be checked through SMS. But now all the process of checking Aadhar card status has gone online, all you require is to visit the UIDAI website and fill in your Aadhar enrolment details and submit. Within minutes, you will receive all information on your Aadhar card status.
  • You can also apply for Aadhar card online, the whole process of receiving your Aadhar card takes up to 4 months, once you finish the required formalities.

Importance of Aadhar Card

  • Instant Bank Account

Possessing an Aadhar card enables you to open an instant bank account. The mess of having all the documents in one place can be easily sorted. An updated or correct Aadhar card status is very important.

  • Digital Locker

To complete the sign-up process of accessing a Digital Locker demands you to have an Aadhar card. You must link your 12 digit Aadhar card number to DigiLocker. Thus it is important for you to have an Aadhar card.

  • LPG Subsidy

Under the DBTL scheme which was named PAHAL, you must link your 12 digit Aadhar number with your LPG service to receive LPG subsidy which will be directly credited to your bank account.

  • Student Scholarship

To avail the scholarship money that the government provides to deserving students, the 12 digit Aadhar card number must be linked to their bank account. Only under this circumstance, the money will be credited.

  • Passport within 10 days

Aadhar card is a must to get hold of a passport. If you have an Aadhar card, then you can get a new passport made in a period of just 10 days. If you have any worry related to your card, you can just check the Aadhar card status online.

  • Provident Fund

The money against the Provident Fund will now only be credited if the person has their 12 digits unique identification number linked to their Employer Provident Fund Organisation.

  • Monthly Pension

For all the pensioners, the regulation has been announced that they will have to link their Aadhar card numbers with their bank’s pension account to receive they pension money.


This scheme is for every employee irrespective of their employment. They have to link the Aadhar number to the account where they receive their salary, and the salary will directly be credited to their account.

Step to Alter/Update your Aadhar Card

You are required to keep on checking your Aadhar card status if you apply to alter some detail and update some facts on your Aadhar card. To do this, you need to follow these easy steps, and you will have proper assistance to rectify/alter/update required details in your Aadhar card:

  1. Visit the UIDAI official website make changes to your Aadhar card details.
  2. You are required to submit the 12 digit Aadhar card number.
  3. Click on the ‘Sent OTP’ button to receive a One Time Password.
  4. Once you have received the OTP on the number which is linked to the process, enter the OTP in the text box for entering OTP.
  5. Enter the CAPTCHA code and then submit the page.
  6. The ‘Data Update Request’ tab will open up; in this form enter the data you wish to alter or change; this will directly affect your Aadhar card status.
  7. After that, you are required to look through and update the digital copies of the documents supporting this change.
  8. After the process is complete, you will be given a URN (Update Request No.) which is very crucial in the whole process of update and for further checking of your Aadhar card status. Note it down someplace safe and save it carefully for future use.

Step to Check Your Aadhar Card Status

Nowadays checking your Aadhar card status is one of the easiest things to do. After you have applied for your Aadhar card or have applied for any update or changes to your Aadhar card, you can check the Aadhar card status online but just visiting the official Aadhar Portal which is the UIDAI portal and just enters a few details to get your Aadhar card status.

Follow these steps:

  1. In order to check the Aadhar card status, you need to insert a few details on to the website.
  2. Begin with entering your 12-digit Aadhar card number; you will find this written in large font on your card.
  3. After that, you are required to enter the URN. This is the number which was provided to you during the time you filed to make some changes to your Aadhar card status.
  4. Click on the option ‘Get Status’ to receive information on your Aadhar card status.
  5. Your Aadhar card status will be reflected on the screen.

Aadhar Card Status

The Details That Can Be Updated Through e-Aadhar Services

The UIDAI Portal through SSUP gives you access to alter and update the following details that are present in your Aadhar card:

  • Date of Birth (D.O.B.)
  • Name
  • Mobile Number (Mobile number that is currently registered to your Aadhar card)
  • Address

Further information on this subject is available on the online platform for all your Aadhar card status related queries. You can download the update form and attach the necessary documents to support your changes and then submit the form to the nearest Aadhar enrolment office.

Documents Needed to Support your Aadhar Card Correction

The following is the list of the document which will be required to update your Aadhar card status and for going further with the changes:

  • Aadhar card number
  • Mobile number registered with your Aadhar card; this is important because to know the Aadhar card status, an OTP will be sent to the registered number
  • All the documents that support and justifies the change, for instances:
    • Hyphenating or changing surname after marriage will require a marriage certificate to support the change of your Aadhar card status
    • To change your O.B., you need to submit a document that supports your updated date of birth.
    • To change the address, you need to submit an identification proof that contains the updated or altered address, and this will justify your request to change the Aadhar card status.

Statuses Normally Showed

When you are checking for Aadhar card status, these are the likely answers you will receive:

  • Under Review
  • Rejected
  • Successful

Times when your Aadhar card can be Rejected

Under the following circumstances the result that shows your Aadhar card status may have negative responses:

  • Not sufficient documents were provided
  • Details submitted was incorrect
  • Error during form fill-up

This is almost everything you need to know if you’re worried about your Aadhar card status, in case you are worried that your Aadhar card status showed ‘Rejected,’ don’t worry just apply fresh for another Aadhar card and repeat the processes you did for the first time. Aadhar card is a very important identification document in the present day.

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