Aadhar card for NRI – How Aadhar Card Is Important for NRIs

By | July 19, 2017

Aadhar card for NRI: Like voter ID and PAN card, Aadhar card is another compulsory document for every Indian. But, what is the importance of Aadhar card for NRI? Generally, having an Aadhar card means you can produce it at any government or non-government sector as one of your major identity proofs. As the card contains demographic, biometric and other information about a person, it is quite easy to recognize him. Here you Can Apply for Aadhar Card Registration.

Aadhar card for NRI

Aadhar Card for NRI

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Even NRIs can also apply for Aadhar card, but while applying for Aadhar card for NRI, the applicant must be present in the country to complete the entire process. Why is Aadhaar card for NRI important? Actually, Aadhar card is a mandatory document for every citizen of India. But, seeing the changing nature of the country when the NRI population is really increasing, the importance of Aadhaar card for NRI has really been felt like that can add the further development of the country. Therefore, the government has planned to add special provisions so that Aadhar card for NRI can be issued. Check Your Aadhar Card Status and Aadhar Card Download by Aadhaar Number or Enrolment Number.

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How can Aadhar Card for NRI be applied?

In order to issue Aadhaar card for NRI, there are certain steps that are to be followed-

  • For Aadhar card for NRI, they must provide their identity proof, like Green Card of the USA or any similar documents of the country they are residing. Also, they must provide the documents of the establishment where they are employed now.
  • For issuing Aadhar card for NRI, you need to submit all essential documents, like birth certificate, photo identity, school certificate, etc. Any other documents related to stay and service at foreign countries are all checked by officials.
  • Once all documents are cleared, the NRIs need to see the nearest Aadhar card enrollment center personally to scan the fingertip biometrically. To issue Aadhar card for NRI, this is an essential step to be completed for perfect identification.
  • The next step for issuing Aadhar card for NRI is to scan the iris biometrically at an enrollment This identification process will make you unique among so many populations in the country.
  • Finally, a photograph is taken and attached to the Aadhar card document, and with this step, all official documents of the applicants will be completed.

After completing all these processes of Aadhar card for NRI, you will get the document within three months at your postal address.

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Importance of Aadhar Card for NRI

Along with being an essential identity document, there are several other importance of Aadhaar card for NRI

  1. Good for the Family- Having a governmental document, the Aadhar card for NRI will help h/her family member to go through easily any government procedure.
  2. Get Benefits of Government Services- An Aadhaar card for NRI will help the person to get any government job while returning to the country.
  3. Valid Proof- an Aadhaar card for NRI is definitely a strong proof of identification of that person in India.
  4. Speedy Government Work- Having Aadhaar Card for NRI will speed up government works, and you can get the best result within minimum time.

Hopefully, you get enough ideas for Aadhar card for NRI. If you are an NRI and don’t issue an Aadhar card till now, go for issuing an Aadhaar card for NRI right now to get all the benefits.

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