Aadhar Card for Child – How to Make Aadhar Card for Child

By | July 21, 2017

Aadhar Card for Child: Aadhar card is the identity and address proof of every Indian citizen that is mandatory as a government proof. Basically, the Aadhar number is a 12 digit numerical identity that is provided to every citizen of India by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). While the implications of several government schemes, having Aadhar Card is obligatory for every applicant.

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Aadhar Card for Child

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Aadhar Card for Child

Do you know that you can make Aadhar Card for the child also? How to get Aadhar Card for a child? Actually, you can get Aadhar card for a child who is above 1 year. There are certain processes you need to follow while making Aadhar Card for the child. Here you will get to know about that.

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Steps to Get Aadhar Card for Child

  • Aadhar Card for child can be procured for kids who are above 1 year of age.
  • Biometric data cannot be considered and also can’t be recorded while making Aadhar Card for child below 5 years.
  • On the other hand, biometric data, that means the fingerprints and retina scan of the applicant, can be recorded while preparing Aadhar Card for child above 5 years. This data will be linked to the Aadhar Card for the child.
  • After reaching at age 15, the biometric data will be recorded again of the child and that will be linked again with h/her Aadhar Card. This is the final recording to make Aadhar Card for the child.

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Which Documents Are Required?

To make Aadhar Card for child, parents must be ready with following documents-

  • Applicant’s birth certificate
  • Identity proof of the kid’s parents
  • Details of Aadhar Cards of the child’s parents
  • Address proof of the child’s parents.

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How to Register Online to Get Aadhar Card for Child

Whether you make Aadhar card for child or for yourself, you can get it from both online and offline registration. The steps to get Aadhar Card for child through online goes through certain steps. Those are as follows-

  1. The parents must be ready with all necessary documents to make Aadhar Card for child. Now, they need to visit the Aadhar Card registration link which you will find on the website of Unique Identification Authority of India. Now, get the required form for Aadhar Card for child.
  2. Now, you need to fill up the form with required details, like age, name, sex, etc. along with contact details of parents.
  3. Once you filled up person details, you need to provide demographic details to carry on the online procedure to make Aadhar Card for child.
  4. The next step to make Aadhar card for a child is clicking on the option ‘Fix Appointment’.
  5. By clicking on it, you can fix an appointment with your nearest Aadhar Card enrollment center. Making Aadhar Card for the child will be easy.
  6. On the particular date of appointment, take all necessary documents, your child and the number that you have printed out from the center.
  7. To make Aadhar Card for the child, the parents’ cards will be verified with along with other documents.
  8. When all documents are verified, the biometric details will be recorded if your child is above 5 years and then the data will be attached to the Aadhar card.


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You will get Aadhar Card for child within a certain period. Actually, you will get an SMS on your registered mobile number. And within 60 days you can get Aadhaar Card for child.

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