Aadhar Card Download Using Aadhar Number & Enrolment Number

By | May 26, 2018

Aadhar Card Download Using Aadhar Number & Enrolment Number: The Aadhar card is a number that is uniquely assigned to each citizen of India. This number is a centralized and universal number for identification of a person. These are biometric cards that are known to store the personal information regarding a person for the governmental database. This is increasingly becoming the base of government for the public welfares and services. This is one major reason why Aadhar Card Download is very important.

This card will ensure that people who need assurance about certain things to help officially will get direct help and solutions and there will be no one acting in the middle illegally. This is one of the major reasons why Aadhaar Card Download is very important. This will link all your personal information to one single place and site, which will further result in the easy availability and access to interests. This will be applicable for most of the bookings and further official documentation. The aadhar card download is also beneficial for the government since they get to keep track of all the people. This will act as a universal Identity and will be applicable in every scenario that includes official procedures, unlike the other cards. There are many different uses and benefits of this card, and one can know about it by doing Aadhaar card download.

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Aadhar Card Download Using Aadhar Number & Enrolment Number

Aadhar Card Download

Aadhar Card Download

Benefits of the Aadhar Card: This is a very important document for the governmental procedures and works o verification, this works as a KYC and also for the identification of a person. This is the most important piece of the document every citizen of India has to possess. The major benefits of the Aadhar card download are:

  • Passport: The whole process of acquiring a passport is very lengthy, time consuming and tough. You have to get several appointments, applications and then verify them all at different steps. But if you have an Aadhar card then you can have your passport in less than 10 days without any hassle. Thus, the Aadhar card download is important to
  • Bank Accounts: With the Aadhaar card download one can easily open a bank account without the whole process is The card will be used as a single document of proof and for KYC and verification. Thus the Aadhar download can result in many types of proofs too.
  • Pension: People who have served the government and have now retired are also eligible for the aadhar card download and the benefits with it. The pension holders can register their Aadhar card number under their departments in order to get the pension in time.
  • LPG Subsidy: The Aadhaar card download also works in favor of the subsidy because the LPG provider of your area can link the whole detail of your connection with a unique number of the Aadhar card you have.

These are some of the major benefits, but there are many other benefits that one will get once they start using their card properly.

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The process of Aadhaar Card Download

Aadhar Card Download is a very important scenario nowadays because of all the other needs related to this card. The enrolment and downloading procedure are very simple. You need to have some important documents in order to apply for the aadhar card download, like:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address.

Now, these can be proved either with apassport or your PAN card or your Voter Id card. Along with all of these documents the person applying for the Aadhar card download must attach a letter certified by the counselor of his/her residential ward. After the submission of the required documents, several tests and cross checking is done in order to check the authenticity of the documents. The tests include an Iris Scan and a fingerprint scan. A photograph is required for the Aadhar card download which is used in the Aadhar card itself.

After all of this is completed, the person who is applying for the Aadhar Card Download is given an enrolment number under the receipt for the Card. This number will later be used for checking the status of their Card.

There are many different methods under which one person can do the Aadhar Card Download online, but there are two authentic ways that you can use for downloading without being caught up in something wrong:

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Aadhar Card Download Using Aadhar Card Number

There can be various reasons for which one might want to get their Aadhar card online, and they can do the Aadhar card download with the help of their Aadhar numbers, completely free of cost. The official website of the aadhar card has the directory of all the PDF files of all the aadharcards, and thus one can download it. The steps for doing that are:

  • You will have to go to the official Aadhar Card’s website provided by the government to proceed with aadhar card download.
  • There will be two different options shown in front of you, one with the Aadhar card download with Enrolment number or with Aadhar number. Here, you will be selecting “Aadhar Card.”

Aadhar Card Download Using Aadhar Number

  • After this, you will have to fill the details like Aadhar number, PINCODE, Full name and the given Image has to be filled in the box and lastly your mobile number.
  • This will generate an OTP on the given mobile number for the Aadhar card download.
  • You will have to enter that number in the given area further and then click “Validate & Download.”
Download Aadhar Card using Aadhar Number

Download Aadhar Card using Aadhar Number

  • This will confirm the Aadhar Card Download, and the card will get downloaded in a PDF format.
  • Only you will be the one to have access to the PDF with the help of a password. The password would be your PINCODE.

If due to any reason like loss of mobile number or change of mobile number you cannot access or do the Aadhar card download, you have another method of accessing it.

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Aadhar Card download Using Enrolment Number

There can be numerous reasons why you cannot have your Aadhar card number for your Aadhar card download. But there is no reason to worry about it; you can still download it online free of cost. There is a reason why people apply for aadhar card download online; it can be either because they didn’t get their one at their place or the right address or it was wrong.

You can download it from the website given by the government, and thus there will be complete authentication and no cheating. You can do the Aadhar card download from there very easily with these few steps using your enrolment number:

  • Firstly visit the official page allotted for the Aadhar card by the government for the aadhar card download.
  • There you will find two different options as “Aadhar card Download using enrolment number” or “Aadhar number.” There you need to select the option using enrolment number.

Aadhar Card Download Using Enrolment Number

  • After selecting that option, you will be required to fill the details for your Aadhar card like the “enrolment number,” PINCODE, Full name, the image shown in the box and lastly your phone number.
  • After you have filled it all, you will receive an OTP on the mobile number that you registered for the aadhar card download.
  • Then enter that number in the given area which says “Enter OTP” and click “Validate & Download.

Download Aadhar Card using Enrolment Number

  • This will generate your Aadhar card download in a PDF format which you can save. This PDF will be visible and accessible only by you with the password i.e. your PINCODE.

The reason for the necessity of the Aadhar card download is quite clear and also, the number of benefits that one gets if they have the card. This is the most secure and new way of regulating information between the government and the people, and thus we all should be aware of it. Here you can get the complete guide on How to Link Aadhar Card with PAN Card and How to Link Aadhar Card with Ration Card.

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