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Aadhar Card: What is Aadhar? Aadhar is basically a code consisting of 12 digits, which in all cases is unique and is provided to all the citizen of India. Likewise, a card with details like your Name, Date of Birth and Aadhar along with your photo is what is called an Aadhar Card. It is applicable to all the citizens of India and unlike PAN Card and Voter ID Card, in the case of Aadhar Card; you need not be 18 years old to issue one. In recent times, we have the electronic Aadhar Card online, which is being slowly rolled out to all the citizens of India, which has the presence of a QR Code. This helps to sync your details with the Income Tax Department of India easily by just scanning the QR Code.

Aadhar Card Online

Aadhar Card online

Aadhar Card online

Why is it necessary to link Aadhar Card?

Recently you will find that it is said by the Indian constitution to link your Aadhar Card with PAN Card, bank accounts, and mobile numbers. Why is it so? Well, it just helps in tackling fraud business in an easier way. Having multiple accounts linked to the same Aadhar Card may lead to a matter of concern, and you never know, maybe like this, a day might come, when black money and fraud business can be handled efficiently. So, the basic gist of linking your Aadhar Card is to make your country, India, a better place.

Why is Aadhar Card important?

It is mandatory that you understand the importance of Aadhar Card. Aadhar Card not only acts as a proof of identity and citizenship of India, but it is also a much-needed document at many places. You need an Aadhar Card to operate banking transactions and having a valid PAN number successfully. Also, booking flights and train tickets through IRCTC and other agencies, it is mandatory to provide your Aadhar Card as a necessity.

How to Apply for Aadhar Card through the offline process?

Knowing the importance of Aadhar Card, it is recommended that you apply for an Aadhar Card online as soon as possible. To do so, you need to follow the following mentioned steps.

  • Look for an Aadhar enrollment center near your place of abode.
  • After finding the center, make sure you book an appointment as soon as possible and give a visit to the center on the day of your call.
  • Once you have reached in the given time and date, take an enrolment form and fill up all the necessary credentials.
  • After filling up all the credentials, you now need to attach the documents which will support your application. These documents generally are a proof of your identity and a proof of your address.
  • Now, submit the enrolment form along with the attachment of all the required documents.
  • After successful submission of the same, you will be called to provide your biometric data. The basically includes the input of your fingerprints and retina or iris.
  • After successful submission of biometric data, you will be called to click a photograph for the Aadhar Card
  • When all these are done and submitted successfully, don’t forget to take your slip of acknowledgment for online Aadhar Card.
  • Your work is done, now you can go back home and wait for your Aadhar Card along with your Aadhar to be delivered at your doorstep.

Aadhar Card online


Please note that all the above-mentioned steps are in order which you have to follow and you by no means can change the order for application of Aadhar Card.


How to apply for Aadhar Card through the online process?

There is no much difference between online and offline process. The only advantage in online process being, it makes it easier to track and locate your nearest allotment center and also eliminates the factor of visiting the allotment center twice. To apply for Aadhar Card online, follow the following steps.

  • Visit the official website of UIDAI.
  • Take out the enrolment form from the website.
  • Fill in the necessary details like Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number, Email ID, etc. Do fill in the credentials very carefully and eliminate the factor of making a mistake as it may go haywire.
  • After filling up all the necessary details, submit the form, and you will be provided with your allotment center and an appointment time and date.
  • Once you receive your appointment for Aadhar Card application, follow the same steps as mentioned in the offline process for Aadhar Card.

So, there isn’t much of a difference, but it definitely saves some of your time and energy to apply for Aadhar Card.

Documents required for the completion of Aadhar Card Application

You need basically two important documents. One is the Identity Proof, and one is the Address Proof. If you are uncertain of which documents to take, you can visit the official website of UIDAI, which has a list of 18 choices from which you can choose one for identity proof and 33 choices from which you can choose one for address proof.

Since your photo will be taken for records, try to appear as sober and gentle as possible and do not style up too much. Remember, you are going to make your Aadhar Card and not going for any photo shoot.

Check status of application for Aadhar Card online

After successfully completing the entire process of application, you can visit the official website of UIDAI to know the status of your application for online Aadhar Card. You can also check whether you have been assigned and Aadhar by just entering your enrolment number.

You can also check your status for Aadhar Card through the facility of SMS. For such, you need to visit the official website for UIDAI and request for an SMS alert for application status of Aadhar Card. This will help you in receiving regular updates regarding Aadhar Card on the mobile number which you have registered.

How to get the Aadhar e-Letter?

This is basically a soft copy of your Aadhar Card Online. This facility is available for everyone and normally used by the ones who are in a hurry for their Aadhar Card. To get an Aadhar e-Letter, follow the following steps.

  • Visit the official website of UIDAI.
  • Go to the section of e-Letter.
  • Now, you will be provided with a form. This form requires either the Aadhar number or the enrolment number for filling up.
  • If you have your Aadhar number
  1. Enter the Aadhar number.
  2. Enter your name.
  3. Enter the pin code of your abode.
  4. Enter your mobile number which is registered with your Aadhar Card.
  5. Now you will be redirected and be provided with a One Time Password (OTP) and then to your Aadhar e-Letter which can be downloaded and printed.
  • If you have your Enrolment number
  1. Enter your enrolment number.
  2. Enter the date and the time as per mentioned in the slip of acknowledgment.
  3. Enter your name.
  4. Enter the pin code of your abode.
  5. Enter your mobile number which is registered with your Aadhar Card.
  6. Now you will be redirected and be provided with a One Time Password (OTP) and then to your Aadhar e-Letter which can be downloaded and printed.

Why didn’t you receive your OTP?

There are three possibilities in which you may not receive your OTP. They are:

  1. The wrong mobile number provided (which is not registered with Aadhar Card).
  2. Due to problems in the internet connection or network.
  3. Your sim card is blocked for some reason.
  4. Your mobile storage is out of space to house new incoming messages.

You can always retry generating an OTP if you haven’t got one yet.

These were pretty much the information you require to gain knowledge on Aadhar Card and probably we could explain to you what Aadhar Card is all about in a simpler language. If you happen to be someone who hasn’t yet have an Aadhar Card, then follow the above details and get one for yourself as soon as possible!